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Ralph Kachur

ROATI Technologies Inc.
Brampton, Ontario

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Malware Secure Computers  -   Which are made possible based on a New Class of Computer Components, developed in house.

Our computer re-design will enable the "safe" execution of . . . previously dangerous . . . malware infected . . . "internet and user data" activities. This was accomplished without the need or use of Malware Detection Software, Encryption, VPN, Blockchain or Analytics.

You are likely thinking that this sounds impossible and you may even be laughing at my statements. Your assumption is likely based on 0% knowledge of my discovery.

Pick up the phone to challenge my assertion of discovery. The enabling technology has been proven in my lab.

Current activity is in developing a Proof of Concept demonstrator for a president of a Major Canadian bank. This president has offered to fund our commercial product development for a small equity stake.

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