Welcome to the Interactive Agenda for SecurityWeek’s 2020 ICS Cyber Security Conference! (View the full conference website and register for the conference here)

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Michael Barbarick

DirectLink Technologies
VP of Sales
Reading, Pennsylvania

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DirectLink Technologies is a unique Data Center designed for backup and disaster recovery, we are located between Ashburn, VA and Philadelphia, NY in a rural underground setting designed to keep your data secure. Our number one concern is keeping 100% data integrity all backups and disaster recovery with Cyber-Generation of data protection, Attack-Loop Prevention to PREVENT MALWARE IN YOUR BACKUPS!. DLT provides BaaS/BDR services in our  Private Cloud and Private Network for clients looking for BaaS/BDR to protect their data from Malware and Ransomware Attacks that happen each day.
Cyber Client is the answer to provide an off-site Encrypted Backup Solution that offers IT Directors a Gold Copy of all the customer secure data protection, that prevents malware and ransomware attacks. We also provide full security penetration scans and PCI testing auditing for our clients.

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