Welcome to the Interactive Agenda for SecurityWeek’s 2020 ICS Cyber Security Conference! (View the full conference website and register for the conference here)

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Brice Williams

Cybersecurity Practice Lead

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Brice Williams is the Practice Lead for Application Security Services at SysLogic Inc. and has over 20 years of experience in software development and security best practices. Brice serves as a trusted advisor to global organizations providing modern cybersecurity guidance and support; including developer training, application pen-testing, secure product design, and secure development lifecycle programs. Brice has developed and conducted cybersecurity training classes for thousands of software developers around the world and is passionate about improving the state of cybersecurity at the earliest stages of software development. Brice is also a founding partner of Cyberspect, a startup in the application security space that provides tools to empower development teams to deliver more secure code.
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